Monday, July 13, 2009

Two Feet Stuck Outside

Two Feet Stuck Outside. What a dumb name. I am 99% sure that you're probably only going to keep reading if I tell you what the heck this means. Here goes...

"Two Feet"
As a podiatry student, soon to be doctor, and avid outdoors athlete (or enjoyer, or have funner, whatever) I've discovered the absolute amazing duty that your feet have. Of course, I'm also well versed in the rest of the body, so it's good to be able to apply gear, adventure, and life in general.
My goal is give you the reader any insight on training (I was once a personal trainer), health and fitness (I used to be a splendidly hefty 255 pounds), and gear (come on, do you know why gore-tex actually works? you need me!... please...)
So that's the the Two Feet means. You got two feets, I got me two feets, let's figure out how they work and what sweet gear we can put on and carry around!

"Stuck Outside"
My wife is from Alaska. I'm not even going to cover it up. It is 1/2 of the reason I ever started talkign to her. She's also smoking hot.
Back to Alaska. Going "outside" means out of AK. We're stuck "outside" in Brecksville, OH which is close to The Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, in Cleveland, OH. This is "outside". It is not AK, and we're stuck for at least 3 years more.
We'll be dropping some super fun hot stuff around OH, the midwest, and elsewhere to help you, the reader, find some sweet stuff to do!

Enjoy, we'll be hooking you up with some crazy good reviews on gear, shoes, clothing, and places for all your outdoors enjoyment!