Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Black Diamond Windweight Gloves Review

I"ll air my grievances first. The seams inside the gloves are a little annoying and I don't like how the fleece attracts hair. Now that we have the dirty business ironed out, I can extol the good graces of the Black Diamond Windweight Gloves.

These guys are plenty warm as an under mitt liner or standalone glove for when things aren't very wet. Wind is cut to none while wearing these gloves alone skiing and biking. They don't have a ton of fleece pile behind them, so I don't find them to be a high functioning thermal layer. Not the most insulation, but not terrible. I'd say comfortable alone down to about 20 deg F. With a shell, they have a much wider zone of comfort.

The seams are a little thick on the inside, but they're stacked parallel, so your finger never fully lies on one seam = more comfortable. Really, it's not a huge issue.

I personally don't love running in these, as I tend to swamp them fairly fast. They were my go to skiing mid layer and mid temp stand alone, and my preferred glove for bike commuting in winter.

The price point is comparable to most other similar pile fleece windproof gloves, so I definitely say they do back up their 40 dollar or so price.

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