Sunday, June 12, 2011


It's been a bit too long since I've posted anything. way too long. To all of the people who may accidentally have stumbled on the blog, became huge fans, and then expected more, I say to you "you don't even exist, sir!".

This post is more just a quick list of what's been going on, and then a review of the B.O.B. Ironman stroller will follow shortly.

1. Lil guy is growing really fast. Like a weed really. He's playing, rolling, baby talking, and just generally being quite the awesome guy.

2. The Mrs. has several marathon plans, all in effort to trounce prior PR's, and as long as the chondromalacia doesn't go completely insane, it should be a good year for running!

3. As the man of the house, it's my job to be the one to be injured. As many have read in the past, back issue, broken ribs, and costochondritis has really sidelined me the past season, and is finally allowing me to get back into the flow of things. Competition will only be had if God grants me absolutely no more injuries this year.

So how about a quick break down of my training so far!
I have been doing quite a bit more mountain biking this year, as I should be able to finally start competing for Marzocchi later this year. Swimming has also been a heavy part of my training, but not quite as much right now. Mountain biking has been just too much fun! Mile splits on undulating hills has been right at 4:14, assuming no people traffic. Actual trail speeds are all over the map right now, based on some very bad storms downing some very large trees.
Running has been a fickle lady, all depending on what the back let's me do. Mile times have ranged from 5:47 up to 10:30, just depending on terrain and pain. I've recently had a few gluteus medius spasms, so if anyone has any input on avoiding those, let me know!

To sum up, training good, wife great, boy so good, God... too good to us recently.

Thanks for the read, check back soon for the B.O.B. review.