Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Operation Elderly 20's: The First Legit

I have heard that doctors make horrible patients. I assume this is true. I pretty much assume that anything I do is truth, so let's run with that. Thus, I rode my bike before my Nov. 1st doctors appointment. It was only 12 miles, but man did it feel good.

I feel like now is a good time to  talk about easing yourself in to working out.

Consider how long you were down and out? for me, about 3 months legitimately. That's a lot of cardio power lost, significant strength gone, flexibility flopped, and... a few pounds gained. My personal experience and journal articles show it takes about 10 days to start to lose what you worked so hard to gain. Please remember this! Your body knows that it's not as strong, but your brain doesn't.

Your first few workouts should be very, very easy. Don't plan on jumping in to your last training plan. You've been down and out for a reason, you need to respect that.

For the love of everything, do NO explosive workout. You used to be able to handle eccentric loads much better, but your injury, especially if it's a load bearing joint, just won't be able to compensate.

Stretch. Yoga. Move back in to these slowly and surely.

Massage your injury site, if possible. Scar tissue has developed there, you must consider this. It's going to develop adhesions, which can cause further discomfort.

A heart rate monitor is really smart at this point. Keep in zone 1, that zone where you feel like you could run all day. If that means you're walking, guess what, you're walking.

Take it easy, friend. Respect the bodies process of healing. It takes time, but often, you'll be back greater than ever, before you ever thought you would be.

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