Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marmot Summit Hat. You will be sorely missed...

 Mrs. J steals the Marmot Summit Hat, Denali National Park
Last winter I lost a dear friend, my Marmot Summit Hat. He fought through the washer valiantly, but somehow managed to sneak into the dryer. I can only imagine the pain of being dried as a wool hat, but I gather that it can't feel good. He currently resides in box somewhere, waiting to be worn by my son when he eventually grows a head somewhere between the size of a toddler and a 12 year old.

I'm attempting to be a Harbor Seal
The Summit Hat is a wool based beanie, with a great micofleece headband, and awesome giant Marmot M right on the front. It manages to strike the perfect amount of warmth while not overheating during most semi-aerobic activities. I hated it while running, hated it while hiking in -30 degrees in AK, but absolutely love it while climbing, skiing, and general outdoorsing in normal, sane winter conditions.

The microfleece headband really takes care of the normal wool itch, and gives some great ear coverage. The weave is pretty tight at this level, keeping wind from sapping your ear warmth. The wool towards the top is semi open, so sweat and condensation can poor out, but you're still pretty well covered from the wind.

Do remember, don't dry it. You'll just end up sad.

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  1. Your loss is Pax's gain.

    The joys of being a father.


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