Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jet Boil Stove

I can't really add a whole lot to a large bank of reviews that people have come up with for the jetpoil pcs system. I think it'd be best to give the profile of a person who should consider the system.

1. Doesn't mind the "jail cell" you've put yourself in with canister based stoves. You're stuck with canisters, not the utility of multiple fuel type stoves. Kinda puts you in a bind if you're going overseas.

2. You LOVE the complete simplicity of canister based stoves. NO thinking, just catch it on fire and cook.

3. Likes to use ready made food, mostly dehydrated based food. That being said, still works with regular food (pancakes, meat, that kind of thing).

4. Loves accessories. Jetboil puts out a ton of them. Most of them are pretty well thought out and are good for what they're made for. Plus they all back into the stove itself. Pretty awesome!

Good stove, fairly light weight, but kinda pigeon holes you in a "fast packer" group.


  1. Also good to remember if you use the 125g or 100g gas cartridges they pack inside the stove so if your a "fast packer" like me you don't forget the gas!!

  2. Hey man, sooo true. I've used some MSR cartridges before. They weigh you down, take up pack room, and can't ride inside the cozy. Thanks for your input!


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