Monday, October 11, 2010

Flector! Broken Ribs! Torn Cartiladge! Days Without Pain!

By no means is this a medical diagnosis or a promotion of a product. I'm not even sure if I can legally do this. If I can't please tell me so and perhaps do it in a way where I don't go to jail. I'm not paid to do this, I have no affiliation with whatever pharmaceutical company makes Flector patches, but whatever.
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If you've kept up with the blog, you know I have some awesome rib cartilage problems. Skiing is a cruel mistress at times, but I believe the trade off is roughly worth it. My sports med doc gave me Flector patches, a diclofenac NSAID patch system. They are the bee's knee's. That's saying a lot right now, since 40+% of bees are dying. That's sad.

With any NSAID, their are cardiovascular, liver, and stomach risks. Consult your physician, of course. I'm just saying that they are a great way to avoid the whole swallowing pills. You get to slap a patch right where it hurts, and avoid the whole stomach.

Like I said, TALK TO YOUR DOC FIRST. Just because it worked for my injury, doesn't mean it will help you.

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