Monday, August 24, 2009

ASICS Trabuco WP Men’s Trail Shoe

ASICS Trabuco WP Men’s Trail Shoe

First, let’s just get the bad out in open. The Gore-Tex gets hot and muggy on 80 plus degree days. And there you have it, I have praise for these beauties from here on out.

These shoes are like chocolate chip cookies. Sure they’re not the most exotic, kinda plain, but man, they always get the job done. The gore-tex membrane does a killer job at keeping your feet dry (assuming you don’t tank your foot above the ankle) and do a pretty good job at regulating temperature at all but the most humid, hot runs. The uppers are firm enough to prevent many ankle injuries, yet let your feet flex naturally as you run on pretty much any terrain. The shank is stiff and has one of the better rock plates I’ve used. They’re not as stiff as true mountain running shoes (see la sportive lynx), but the rock plate will protect you from roots and most rocks. The tread is very aggressive, with good forward and reverse lug placement. Not incredible at running downhill, yet they make up for it in their odd ability to be fairly comfortable in the occasional road session. They shed mud very well and I personally have never had any clumping issues. I like the the round shoe laces, but my wife (who has the women’s version) happens to hate them. They also have a nice shoe lace pocket in the tongue, so they can be stowed out of the way while running.

These shoes are made for the neutral to moderate pronator, but have plenty of room to accommodate most orthotics. They are fairly well cushioned and supportive, giving a comfortable ride.

They come with or without a goretex membrane, giving a runner the option of opting out of the extra weight and warmth of goretex. W/O Goretex they cost around 80. With goretex they cost about 100.

Coming in both men’s and women’s versions, a running couple can have his and hers models and look like incredible dorks (aka Mrs CP and I).

Who should buy:

1. neutral to moderate pronators

2. those looking for a good go anywhere trail shoe

3. if you’re looking for a tough shoe that protects the ankles well (Mrs. Two Feet has no TaloFibular Ligament and can attest to the ankle protecting powers)


Rocks: eh, could find a better ride for rocks

Packed trail: Great shoes, great shoes

Mud: so good, so good

How happy are the Feet?

Very happy feet. Well protected, Not too wet. Great for long runs. Definitely better options for those looking for very technical terrain.

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