Friday, May 14, 2010


I've been slowly transitioning into running sans-dog. It's been an interesting process. I now don't have the some what frequent potty breaks to look forward, yet enjoy not having to carry dog poo bags.

A few things I've noticed
1. I feel less secure. I'm by no means a big wuss and am more than capable of taking care of myself, but there's just something missing.
2. I see more squirrels than I ever did before.
3. Did I mention how much I miss those potty breaks??? Seriously, a guaranteed 30 second break every 10 minutes or so!
4. No one tells me my ears look really cute flopping down the trail.
5. I don't have the fiasco of getting Scooter to ignore other dogs as we run by.
6. I'm now the best runner when I run. That dog would embarrass me constantly with how fast he was.
7. That last point only applies to me when Mrs AK isn't running with me. She's better than me.

1 comment:

  1. Suck up . . .

    I haven't beaten you on a run in MONTHS. At least now I have an excuse, right?


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