Saturday, May 8, 2010

RIP Scooter

Suffice it to say, today has been one of the hardest in our married coupleness. Due to an incredibly unfortunate turn of events, we had to put our running partner, best friend, and number one ear-licker down for the long sleep. Can't wait to run with him in Heaven.

In a recent post, I criticized dog owners for not taking responsibility for their dogs actions. I had to practice what I preach, and I don't like it. As of 8:40 this morning, baby Scoot went to run with Jesus. I hear Jesus is pretty fast. You may have read that in the book of Leviticus (like you've ever bothered to read Leviticus...).

That being said, I'm incredibly excited to share that we are expecting our first running stroller training buddy! This blessing excites us a ton, and we look forward to sharing running and training stories as Mrs. AK bears our child (codename Baby Beluga).

Stayed tune, the Montrail Mountain Masochist review is coming soon!

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