Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I Forgot to Workout 4: Sitting

For those of you following along, I managed to start my back injury by my crappy posture while studying for hours upon hours a day. Here's what I should have done...

1. stop slouching. while I wrote that I had to correct myself
2. Don't sit without your lumbar region planted to the back of the chair... SI joints don't like the extra pressure from you sitting your butt on the front edge and leaning back
3. Try doing a few superman moves per day. Lay on your belly, lift up both your legs and feet. Yell "To infinity and beyond!". Change the name of the exercise to "The Buzz Lightyear".

Not much else right now. I'm just biding my time until the back doesn't hurt. Still haven't hit the trails for a good run, and it's been almost to weeks. That breaks my heart a bit.

On the positive note, XTERRA Triathlons are a go for next year. I'm incredibly excited.

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  1. I heart you. A lot. yay for blogs and my crazy friend who loves outdoor races and exterras and stuff. once med school is done we are still going to do the Amazing race right? hannah and paxton are alright with that? ill talk to kara, im sure we'll be golden haha.
    Miss you man, praying for your body and mind and your baby and baby momma. cause you all are great.


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